Episode 5 – July 2015

In this month’s episode:

  • Myths and facts about refugees and asylum seekers
  • Aspartame and artificial sweeteners
  • Woo at the DWP (H/T to Johnny Void)
  • How does shark fin soup contribute to climate change?

Some organisations that work with refugees in the UK:


Episode 3 – May 2015

In this month’s episode:

  • Abortion in Ireland and the Abortion Support Network
  • Cuts to mental health services
  • Sexuality and genetics
  • CERN and US science funding
  • A very serious, adult discussion about kangaroo farts
If you’re interested in volunteering with the Abortion Support Network as a host, you can email volunteer[at]abortionsupport.org.uk. If you can afford to donate, go to https://www.abortionsupport.org.uk/donate/